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The Artists


Aaron P Lau, or “P” Lau (“Pilau” means stinky in Hawaiian slang) as he is affectionately nicknamed, began his fascination of wood when he was very young. Influenced by his Grandfather, Aaron would play with hammers, nails, and sand paper while being looked after by his Grandparents in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has taken up woodworking in 2002 while working as an independent Financial Advisor and Executive Loan Officer in Honolulu. His background in marketing and finance has helped him with his success with such a creative business. Now married he and his wife work together to bring you fine writing instruments made from Hawaiian Koa Wood and inlaying  different types of materials from all over the world.  Aaron believes that each individual will be able to find a pen that matches their specific personality. Because each pen is different, he hopes that each of his creations will bring as much enjoyment into the owner’s life as he has had creating them.

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